Technical exchange


Jiangsu CIS Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is based on technology. On the basis of mature technology such as downstream technology of downstream methanol and downstream technology of alcohol, the whole process is optimized and standardized, so that the company can be promoted again on the level of technology. It not only provides professional technology package and special equipment for customers, but also provides complete sets of devices for customers. And it can ensure that every product provided is from the careful design of professional team and the precision processing of skilled technicians, with comprehensive quality assurance and efficient service level, and create huge economic benefits for customers.

Jiangsu Shun Shun engineering technology is also a partner of Hua Lu Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly the Sixth Design Institute of the Ministry of chemical industry). Jiangsu Shun engineering technology not only based on the domestic, its iron molybdenum formaldehyde process has reached the world's advanced level, at the same time, the company also accelerated the process of internationalization, some core technology and professional equipment are exported to India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam and other countries.